About Us

CDT is a privately held, family-operated company. We are located at Sandy Creek Ranch, a 64-acre subdivision owned by the company's principals, Connie and Dennis Berglund. Sandy Creek is both home and business to the Berglunds. Facilities include administrative offices and a production center as well as a residence, guest house, and horse facilities.

Sandy Creek is about 12 minutes east of Pine Valley, California, and approximately 60 minutes east of downtown San Diego. Our nearest neighbors in the East County are the Cleveland National Forest, three Indian Reservations, and the towns of La Posta, Boulevard, Campo, Alpine, and El Cajon.

Also resident at the ranch are a golden eagle, a blue heron, some ducks, a zillion squirrels and rabbits, two coyotes, four dogs, a few cats, four horses, and two pigmy goats.

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