CDT provides a wide range of consulting and engineering design services with emphasis on integrated system design and evaluation as well as electronic product design.

We are Registered Professional Electrical Engineers (California).

Consulting Services


Project Portfolio

Automated Testing

We can provide hardware and software programming support for the automated testing of your products utilizing the National Instruments PC-based testing system. If required we can provide design of special interface devices required for automated testing.

Integrated Systems.  Detailed engineering design and consulting (design and evaluation) of integrated security, control and communications systems. CDT has gained key experience over the past ten years in prison and jail integrated security and control systems.

Product Design.  Electronic product design (hardware and software) including concept evaluation, prototype design and testing, production design and manufacturing.

Design Services

We design our own line of products (EMPACT Series Equipment) as well as products for other companies.

Hardware Design. Design of electronic circuitry and packaging. Design can include concept development, prototype design and manufacture, preproduction manufacture and preparation for production.

Software Design.  Firmware programming of dedicated microprocessors in conjunction with hardware design. We have considerable experience with the programming of the Microchip family of microcontrollers.

Circuit Board Design.  We have in-house multilayer circuit board design capability. We normally provide original circuit boards for all the products we design. We utilize Tango schematic and circuit board layout software.

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