CDT's documentation specialists work with our clients to produce grant proposals, manuals, marketing materials, and catalogs. Examples from our project portfolio include:


Federal Magnet Schools Assistance Program. Over $3 million awarded to San Diego City Schools to restructure and upgrade its inner city magnet schools.

Systemwide Title VII Bilingual Education Program. Proposal to ensure that limited-English-speaking students are included in the San Diego City Schools' effort to establish educational standards for all students.

National Science Foundation Technology Infrastructure for Education. NSF-awarded grant to network Morse High School and train teachers to utilize technology in the learning program including teacher and student access to the Internet.

University of California, San Diego Healthy Tomorrows. UCSD Medical Center grant to provide prenatal health care to Latina women.

United States International University Upward Bound. Grant to provide college experiences designed to encourage minority high school students to enroll in post-secondary math and science programs.

Dads Against Drugs and Drunk Driving. Proposal to solicit funding for volunteer programs to reduce incidents of drugs and drunk driving among San Diego youth.



  • Perimeter Products, Inc. -- Installation and operator manuals for security systems
  • Heimann -- Maintenance manual, Dual Mobile X-Ray Inspection System
  • Union of Pan Asian Communities (UPAC) -- Asian Parents Handbook
  • San Diego City Schools --  Teacher guides, In-service manual on writing for educators, principals' handbook for enhancing achievement of minority students


  • AJ-USA Fast Times
    • PPI Source
    • SEMCO Spirit


  • Porsche parts catalog
    • TeTech industrial supplies catalog


  • Product brochures, marketing materials
  • Strategic plans for implementing second language programs and for providing services for exceptional students (handicapped, gifted) in the San Diego City Schools
    • Videotape and slide presentations for school staff in-service training
    • Monthly magazine and mailer ads for automotive firm
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