Technical Manuals

CDT's combination of professional engineering staff, technical writers and graphic designers ensure that your technical manuals are accurate, well-written, and aesthetically pleasing. We can help you publish your manuals in print, on CD-ROM, or online.

Grant Proposals

 CDT's professional grant writer has over 20 years' experience developing grant applications for funding special projects in education, medicine and commerce.


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Marketing Materials

  • Equipment Brochures
    We prepare equipment brochures to help you market your product. Easy-to-read, attractive brochures provide technical information and highlight special features for a cost-effective marketing campaign in print or online.
  • Newsletters
    CDT provides turnkey communications with our Newsletter Xpress service. An effective company newsletter will inform your clients, dealers, distributors, and employees while subtly promoting your company image. When you climb aboard the Newsletter Xpress, a personal editor will be assigned to your company to do all the work you don't have time to do -- editing, writing, design, layout, production, and mailing of a four page, bicolor newsletter created especially for you.
  • WWW Newsletters
    CDT can publish your company newsletter as an Internet HTML document. We will design, publish and maintain your company newsletter on the Information Superhighway.
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