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01-93 Operation Instructions, Test and Evaluation Kit, for use with MMP,  RANS, and Radio Alarm Link (RAL)

02-93 MMP Mobile Display Simplified Test Kit

01-94 MMP Technical Improvements, Updated Manual Information

02-94 Replacement of Programmable RANS-DV Circuit Devices (Chips)

03-94 MMP System Field Testing Guidelines

01-95 MMP Display, Installation of Replacement Acknowledge Switches

02-95 Supplemental Instructions, Installing the RANS Encoder inside the Perimeter Products Auxiliary Relay Interface

03-95 MP-1560 Matrix Interface Circuit Board

01-96 RANS RA-500 Encoder, Outputs for Audio Connection

02-96  MMP System, Antennas Installed on Mobile Display Enclosures

03-96 Replacement of MMP Encoder with RANS Encoder

04-96 MMP with Trunked Radio Interface (MMP/TRI)

05-96 Input Interface for MMP and RANS Systems (Rev. 7/96)

06-96 RANS and/or MMP Operating on an Existing Facility Radio Channel

01-97 Special Instructions, Installation of Facility-to-Vehicle Video Link

02-97 Special Features of the RANS-DV Systems

03-97 RS-232 Input Interface for RANS-DV Systems

04-97 RANS-DV System Software Improvements being added to the manual

05-97 MMP System, Radio-Graphic Display System, Adjustment of Data Reception Window

06-97 MMP Interconnection with Perimeter Products MX-1000, Pricing for Addition of Access Display

07-97 MMP System, Addition of Access Display

08-97 Programmable RANS-DV Circuit Devices (Chips), Instructions for Replacement

01-98 MMP and RANS-DV Systems, Combination of Both Systems with One Alarm Source and One Radio Transmitter

02-98 MMP Rack Mount Display Unit, MP2520, Temporary Installation with Individual Zone Lights, Installation and Operation Guide


03-98 Mobile Map Plus Test Instructions Using Simplified Test Kit

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